No longer are creative departments the ones thinking up ideas – it’s the whole organisation, IT'S YOU.

Does this sound like you or your team?

  1. Are you so busy they settle for the first good idea?
  2. Do you suspect many of the ideas could be copied by your competitors?
  3. Do you use the same brainstorming process over and over again?
  4. Do you find it difficult to provide a creative space for sharing ideas?
  5. Are you told more often why an idea won’t work, rather than why it will?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I can help change that. 

90% of people felt confident they are creative after a workshop

Coaching sessions


  • 3 hours
  • Introduction to creativity with set live brief
  • Explore principles and science of creativity
  • Introduce and develop creative mind-sets through games and activities 
  • Learn creative tools and techniques for ideation
  • Generate loads of unique ideas to take away


    • A day
    • Submersion into creativity with set live brief
    • Explore principles and science of creativity
    • Introduce, develop and practice creative mind-sets through games, exercises and activities
    • Learn creative tools and techniques for ideation
    • Learn the creative process and how it works
    • Break down the brief
    • Generate loads of unique ideas to take away
    • Filter ideas using proven techniques to better analysis

    Tailored creative workshops

    Tailored creative workshop
    • Consultation meeting to discuss brief 
    • Creative switch write brief and design tailored workshop
    • Workshop content broken down into four sections:
      • What is? (discovery phase)
      • What if? (idea phase) 
      • What wows? (review phase)
      • What now? (next steps)
    • Creative Switch create digital presentation document of the four phases and the workshop outcomes
    • Additional services: design, copy-writing and mood-boards created on request. 

    Want to discover more about the science and stats about creativity and why it's important? 

    Nice things people have said

    'This was a fantastic session for our New Business team. Kath delivered not only a fun and energetic workshop but one that is really going to help us deliver on our business objectives. As a team we are already putting into practice the practical creative skills and knowledge we have gained."
    Head of New Business, Macmillan Cancer Support

    'Kath created a really fun and open environment for us to work in. Her creative exercises were carefully thought out and really helped us to think outside of our usual work remit, before applying our rediscovered creativity to the work challenges at hand. It was great to work together to look at problems in a different light, to draw out new and existing skills and to look at ways of applying this to our day-to-day work moving forwards. An inspiring and informative session.'
    Rachel Crews, Digital Content Manager, WaterAid

    'Kath really got us thinking creatively and without inhibition in a short space of time. The session was well paced and helped me look at old content, stories and challenges in new and fresh ways.
    Digital team, WaterAid

    'We really enjoyed our Creative Switch session with Kath. She was a brilliant facilitator and it was a really fun, relaxed session which not only helped us generate loads of really interesting ideas but will also help the Policy and Campaigns team think more creatively in future.'
    Lisa James, Campaigns Manager, Independent Age

    ‘Really fresh no-pressure way of getting people to be creative. The creative techniques and the games to put us in the right mindset were great.’
    Events Manager, British Heart Foundation

    ‘I really enjoyed the session. It really helped to think about other ideas rather than just the usual things. My Community Champion thought there were some great ideas and will put some ideas in place.’ (Barclays London region made a 20% increase YoY for Macmillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning)
    Jane Brackenbury, Barclay’s Area Retail Administrator. 

    ‘Definitely the best brainstorm I’ve been to. Relaxed and easy to generate ideas. It was great to start with basic word generation and build up an idea from there. We got some really interesting ideas with a few controversial ones – I like that!’
    Lillian Carr, New Business Manager – Macmillan Cancer Support


    British Heart Foundation
    British Council
    Macmillan Cancer Support
    Breast Cancer Care
    Independent Age
    The Roundhouse
    Safe Child Africa