Creativity and the world

Creativity makes the world a beautiful place to live

From the moment we are born we absorb the world around us. People, places and our preferences form a collection of all our unique experiences and memories in our lives. This wealth of experience is the hub of creativity. And, when we cross the unlikely or unconnected – unique ideas are born.

Creativity is the key to human existence and life itself. 

Without creative expression the world would be a very boring and limited place. Yet so many people, 1 in 4 in fact say they aren’t living up to their creative potential. This is something that we want to change.

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Professional creativity

Creativity and innovation are the new buzzwords. No longer are creative departments the only ones thinking up ideas - it is the whole organisation. According to Adobe we shouldn’t only be making space for creativity but moving it high up on the agenda as it is seen as the key to economical and societal growth. Contradictory to that a whopping 80% of Brits feel pressure to be productive rather than creative at work.

More and more employees are looking for people who have that creative spark. We believe everyone is creative but not everyone has the confidence. It is very normal to feel a little nervous when someone says ‘what is your big idea?’ It is very normal because most of the time we’re thinking logically or in a ‘closed’ mode.  You know like ticking off to-do lists - a bit like an ER in a hospital. However, for creativity to happen it is impossible to generate unique ideas in this mode. 

We want to switch modes from the 'closed' to the 'open' mode. 'Open mode' is where anything goes, the imagination is free and the possibilities are endless. Learning when and how to switch between the two is pivotal to generating great ideas.

Interested in switching modes and turning on your creativity?

Well, you’re in luck. Creative Switch offer two workshops to educate about creativity and it’s core principles, providing you with tools and techniques to help switch to your creative mode.

Personal creativity

Personal creativity

Creative confidence is what so many of us are looking for. We know it takes courage and at large vulnerability to put our ideas out into the world.

We all have an abundance of ideas to make our lives and other people’s lives more fore-filling and interesting. But, many of us are reluctant to share and act on them. This hasn’t always been the case. When we were children, we used to see the world differently – that's before we filled our brains with knowledge and learned experiences. A time where cardboard boxes were dens and talking to our friends on the underground were allowed . What would our imaginative 8 year old self think of us now?

Education Professor Ken Robinson says in a great Ted Talk about creativity and education that

‘Kids will take a chance. And if they don’t know – they’ll have a go. They’re not frightened of being wrong. Now, I don’t mean to say that being wrong is the same thing as being creative. But what we do know is that if you’re not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original’.
— KEN ROBINSON – Education Professor

When we learn to ‘have a go’ and switch some of our habits that are dimming our creative spark possibilities open up to us – in our lives, our work and our relationships.